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If you believe in authenticity and yearn to put your passions to work, you’re in the right place. If you are blushing at the word passion, consider your natural talents and how excited you are when you can put them to work. It’s time to be truly authentic – with yourself and with others.

rosalee headshot w scarf colorfinalI have and will always be a catalyst for development and change in international organizations. With the benefit of insights gleaned from those earlier experiences, I can now be YOUR catalyst for development and change. It’s time to get personal – to have those evolutionary and revolutionary conversations about growing your career and growing YOU. It’s about living authentically and putting your natural talents to work.

I’m a speaker on business and passions. Yes, there’s that word again. Passion, engagement, and motivation go hand-in-hand. I’m that motivational speaker that brings humor and humanness to your audience.

I’m a trainer with a special focus on adult-learning. Adults learn differently. We’re a bit more hands-on and a bit turned-off by the dreaded lecture (referred to by some as “lecture vomit”). Did you know that adults learn 287% faster when adult-learning methodology is utilized? In today’s teched-up world, we don’t have time to waste!

At the center of it all is my faculty position at Dakota County Technical College. I teach in the business area, specializing in leadership and hospitality topics. As proud parent of the Meeting and Event, Hospitality Lodging, and Resort programs at DCTC I’m honored to be the coach and mentor of about 80 students each year.

I’m the coordinator and trainer for the Twin Cities Rise! Hospitality Operations Service Training (HOST) initiative. In collaboration with DCTC, HOST prepares students for employment in hospitality positions such as guest services, banquet set-up, and room attendant.

I’m your business consultant with decades of experience implementing organizational improvement and change.

Check out my Raves, Rants, and Reviews blog for some raves, lots of rants, and authentic reviews.

Contact me to learn more about authenticity. Let’s discuss putting your natural talents to work. Employers, just how engaged are your staff members? The personal and professional development that happens at StrategicU begins with individuals and strengthens teams.

Stay connected with Rosealee at

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