Administrative Professionals can become their bosses’ hero!

It’s a well-known fact that administrative professionals manage the vast majority of meetings and events in our country. Those events typically host 100 or fewer people and are pivotal to the organization’s success. Administrative professionals do all of this while they juggle people and projects. They are, in essence, the backbone of good business. Yet in most cases, these dedicated staff members are not formally trained to implement the meetings and events we depend on for success of sales, marketing, customer and employee retention, and more!

Eagan Minnesota “gets” it. And they‘ve partnered with Dakota County Technical College’s Meeting and Event Management degree program to offer the Plan What?? seminar that targets the success of administrative professionals in this critical role. Plan What?? will maximize attendee meeting and event planning skills and turn your organization’s buying power into negotiating power. Administrative professionals will be credited for taking the pressure off the volunteer planning committee while saving money for their organization.

I’m honored to help with this seminar and am looking forward to future seminars. The Plan What?? Seminar on Serious Site Inspections is on January 24, 1-4 pm at the Eagan, MN Community Center. Thanks to the support of the Eagan Convention and Visitors Bureau, registration is reduced to $40.00 per person (payable to DCTC). Get full details and register!