Boring Meetings No Longer Define the Corporate Planner Domain

survivor_resting_on_buoy_300_clr_8546The world of business meetings has a bad reputation.  And, I tire of hearing from individuals in our industry that they don’t want to do corporate planning because that would be too boring. Many organizations now recognize the importance of spawning creativity in their meetings.  That includes venue choices that would have been unheard of in decades past.   Years ago I hosted a “Dive-In Movie” brainstorming event.  While it was highly successful in achieving the objective of new ideas and relationships, it was scoffed at by more traditional meeting planners who thought business meetings only belonged in the boardroom.

In the article,  Business Meetings Move Poolside (Don’t Overdress), the New York Times has gone a long way toward making the boardroom obsolete.  Yes, there is still a place for boardroom meetings, but often, we end up in the boardroom just because, “we’ve always done it that way”.

As a case in point, I offer the recent Eagan MN Convention and Visitors Bureau board meeting that was convened on a river in a boat.  The creative ideas and consensus building that went on will undoubtedly move that organization into new areas of success.  Both board members and staff came away even more jazzed about the organization’s future and our role in it.

Fun AND business really can go hand-in-hand.