The Impacts of Social Networking on Getting a Job

Some things just work. The hints and tricks in this article (written what seems like yesterday but as it turns out, now two years ago) work. The update NOW, however, is that networking is no longer who you know — it is NOW who knows about you. More about that in the next blog post! Happy New Year!

Rosealee Lee

the_web_wants_you tooCan we fully enjoy the social networking technologies available to us without concern of how far our virtual image will leak into the real world and impact us getting (or keeping) a job?  No!  The web does want YOU.  It wants all of us.  It wants us to create and own our brand.  And whether we realize it or not, we append to our brand each time we communicate online. The old adage of “who you know” is still relative to success, but it has been extended to “who you know” online.

As we have learned to enjoy social networking tools, so have employers and recruiters.  From sourcing prospective employees to vetting them for the job, human resource professionals use social networking tools as a primary resource.  That means accountability for all of us, especially in our social networking communications.

Recruitment:  See and Be Seen

Network, network, network.  That word…

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