Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner Ranks 12th on the List of Best Business Jobs

US News and World Reports ranks Meeting, Convention, and Event Planning as one of the top business jobs again this year!  It’s pretty clear that when people meet, business happens.  In fact, meetings, conventions, and events are major revenue drivers for much of today’s business community on a global scale. I love that I now get a chance to share tips and tricks learned in my career of planning VIP functions for 20 or larger groups of up to 70,000 “close personal friends”.  I am honored to mentor others in the diverse field of hospitality, while connecting with peers and associates.  There’s something very special about this community and I am continually astounded at how much everyone shares their ideas and innovations.  Even after decades in the field, I love that I can learn daily from others.

Once again, US News and World Reports has honored this field with one of it’s crown jewel rankings.  As pointed out in the article linked here, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects meeting, convention and event planner employment growth of 33.2 percent between 2012 and 2022, adding 31,300 more jobs.

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