Of Legacies and Relationships: the Passing of Ed White

I just learned that Ed White passed away today. The hospitality industry is short one more thought leader. Losing two in the same week is unthinkable. I am comforted that as the newcomers to Heaven, Bill Ed whiteMorrissey and Ed White are planning a huge event for everyone there.  Details about Ed are not yet available so I will share them as a comment to this post when they are available.

Ed was internally renowned as a consummate hospitality professional.  He instructed and mentored me and his words of wisdom helped me greatly.  I know many of us have benefited from his experience  and insights. Ed was a consultant, trainer, meeting manager, and hotelier. There’s more to be read on his LinkedIn site.

Ed will be missed. At the risk of being redundant, let me ask you for the 2nd time this week to please join me in honoring the legacies of Bill and Ed by building relationships on which to grow the future of hospitality.

Negotiating with Yourself: How do your four execs get along?

When training a group of execs on international negotiation recently it occurred to me that I negotiate with myself. That’s a little scary because I don’t want to go up against myself. I know those are not good odds and I could get intimidated. The idea got me to thinking. I negotiate with myself a lot. I talk to myself too, but that’s a topic for another blog. I negotiate with my dog sometimes and even more with my two cats. I usually win with the dog but rarely win with the cats. So as I was negotiating with myself this morning (side note: I won!) it occurred to me that someone must have already studied this phenomenon and perhaps published on the topic. Erica Ariel Fox did exactly that. Cheers for the Harvard Business Review. Here’s the article: The Most Important Negotiation in Your Life.
How do your four execs get along?]

Now that I know the Big Four are all part of me, I can work on helping them to get along! Are your Big Four inner executives playing well today?