Artificial Intelligence Demystified

robot_working_at_desk_14615Thank you to Jonathan Koren for his Algorithm Transparency . . . or Paying Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain. I have new faith in the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as more respect for FaceBook and their transparency.

Koren points out that AI is not magic. Instead, it automates “a human’s poorly defined goals with all the assumptions and biases therein.”  I love that!  We need humans involved AND must mitigate human assumptions and biases.

Applause for Koren’s challenge to the community: “Among ourselves, we’re pretty open with what we do and how we do it. Perhaps it’s time we level with general public as well.”

Whitney Bunce Joins the All-MN Academic Team

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Whitney Bunce was inducted into the 2016 All-Minnesota Academic Team. The honor recognizes Whitney’s leadership​, academic achievement, as well as community and college service. Whitney will soon​ cross the Commencement stage to be given her Meeting and Event Management AAS Degree. She has a future as bright as her smile!

Celebrating Commitment to Hospitality and a Powerful Network of Professionals

DCTC hospitality graduates span the globe in hospitality careers.  On Saturday, May 21, many graduates, students, and their guests will be found at the annual Spring BBQ.

For more date notice_001than a decade, DCTC hospitality graduates have brought a level of professionalism to meetings, events, conventions, trade shows, and venues such as hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations.  Many serve in hospitality supply organizations that provide design, props, lighting, catering, tours, and a myriad of other products and services to enhance the guest experience.  As hospitality alumni have honed their talents in employer corporations or started their own corporation, many employ other graduates and students.  Together they form a powerful network.

For complete info and RSVP, visit DCTC Hospitality – Celebrating 10 Years and More

Here’s a glimpse of our January, 2016 celebration . . .

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