Tell me a story

Cover letters written to prospective employers can be frustrating.  figure_swearing_150_clr_9614What do I say?  How do I differentiate myself from all the other applicants?

First, know yourself and the skills you bring to the employer.  Then, tell them a story.  They know you are writing to them to get an interview for the job, the internship, etc.  Don’t waste your time or theirs by telling them that in your cover letter.  Instead, tell them a story about you that incorporates skills and values they are looking for.  Don’t fall into the trap that the cover letter OR the resume is about you.  It’s really about your reader and how you connect with them.

Nevada Public Radio (NPR) did a great job of explaining this concept in their recent article about the cover letters they want to see when searching for interns.  Thanks to Steve Drummond and Elissa Nadworny, here is Hey, Students: 5 Things That Are Wrong With Your Cover Letter.

(Chuckle – you just thought I retired.)