About Rosealee

Forty years as an entrepreneur in international business has its perks, and Rosealee will tell you she is enjoying every one of them. She identifies the perks each day by the names and faces of the students she gets to work with. Sometimes the students are individuals and Rosealee at bookcase croppedsometimes they are staff members of an organization she is working with as a consultant or trainer. The real bonus of those decades is that it was all preparing her to be a trainer, mentor, and coach.

Rosealee is a teacher, trainer, consultant, and speaker. She has written countless articles for professional publications and spoken worldwide to audiences. She has received numerous awards including Meeting+Events Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement, Vision Award – Inspiration, and Teacher of the Year.
Rosealee holds certifications of CAE (Certified Association Executive), CMM (Certified Meeting Manager), and CM (Certified Manager). She is one of a handful of individuals in the world to hold both CAE and CMM certification, and at last audit, the only individual in the world to hold all three – CAE, CMM, and CM.

Stay connected with Rosealee at www.linkedin.com/in/rosealeelee/

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