Hospitality & Event Management Perspectives #3

This series of mini-stories will touch your heart, inspire you to action, and always make you smile. ¬†Thanks to the amazing students and alumni of DCTC’s Hospitality and Event Management program for this 15-year collection! Thank you also to DCTC Foundation donors. Kate tells here how the Student Emergency Fund saved her!

Thank you, Kate!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at DCTC, and would very much consider continuing my education there. I first started out in Interior Design, but found that Meeting and Event Management was better suited for me. During my time there, I was a part of the student senate, and eventually became the senate secretary. Everything seemed to be going well for me, and then life caught up. I started to have health problems, and vehicle problems, and I felt that school was taking a back seat. I didn’t like that.

I was told by the student senate to check-out DCTC‘s emergency fund for students. I knew Dr. Thomas from senate meetings, and I went to speak with him about my issues, he directed me right to Student Services and I got my loan right away! I was so happy I cried on my way home. Even though it didn’t cover everything, it helped me make the steps out the hole I was in.

I went on to graduate and was incredibly excited to start job hunting. I truly wanted to get first-hand experience to build my resume. Meeting and Event Management with Rosealee was so great, she is truly a mentor to me. If there’s any question about the industry, she could answer it with an experience she has, because she has literally done it all! It took me awhile to find a job right away after school however, I struggled with being on unemployment. Within a year I did find a job at a hotel as a front desk clerk. I remembered Rosealee stating she got her start at a hotel and built up from there. I was starting to get stable again, learning a ton, and meeting wonderful people.

Before I knew it, the position of Hotel Supervisor came up, and I thought I’d take a shot at it. After only 5 months of being there, I got the job of supervisor! I have now been supervising for a year, and I love that I can put this on my resume.

I truly can’t wait to move on and get more experiences in this industry, and I love that the choices are limitless.

Thank you, DCTC!