Negotiating with Yourself: How do your four execs get along?

When training a group of execs on international negotiation recently it occurred to me that I negotiate with myself. That’s a little scary because I don’t want to go up against myself. I know those are not good odds and I could get intimidated. The idea got me to thinking. I negotiate with myself a lot. I talk to myself too, but that’s a topic for another blog. I negotiate with my dog sometimes and even more with my two cats. I usually win with the dog but rarely win with the cats. So as I was negotiating with myself this morning (side note: I won!) it occurred to me that someone must have already studied this phenomenon and perhaps published on the topic. Erica Ariel Fox did exactly that. Cheers for the Harvard Business Review. Here’s the article: The Most Important Negotiation in Your Life.
How do your four execs get along?]

Now that I know the Big Four are all part of me, I can work on helping them to get along! Are your Big Four inner executives playing well today?

Meeting Professionals Salary Update for 2013

Meeting professionals have come a long way since the days of party planning. Convene’s 2013 salary survey results are a true reflection of the maturation of this profession that wasn’t even a profession* a decade ago. Check out the full report at the link provided above. Here’s a quick peek:


Of the meeting professionals surveyed,
75% received or expect to get a raise in 2013
9.4% is the average salary increase reported – that compares sizably to 2.3% last year
$77,711 average salary in 2013 – compares to $71,038 in 2012
$73,996 average salary for females (89% of respondents)
$108,482 average salary for males (11% of respondents)
Both genders report putting in long hours – 51% reported 41-50 hr/wk; 21% 51-60 hr/wk

*It’s been little more than seven years since the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) deemed this a profession. BLS now ranks “meeting, convention, and event planners” to 44% job outlook growth, 2010-2020.

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Cupcake War Veterans Battled, Bonded, and Laughed!

Veterans of the 1st Twin Cities Planner Cupcake War made great memories this past week when they competed in the cupcake smack-down that was sponsored by the Marriot Minneapolis and Telluride Colorado Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN) is known for its ability to provide networking and engagement opportunities to meeting planners, so when Shawna Suckow, SPIN Founder and President, notified local planners that she, Todd Gehrke (Visit Telluride), and Barbara Madigan (Minneapolis Marriott) had arranged the competition of cupcake creativity, response was immediate.

Cupcake War Veterans, January, 2013

Cupcake War Veterans, January, 2013

Our battleground was the Marriott’s private bakery. Led by Executive Chef Donna and staff members, we benefited from the very best in tactical training and weaponry.

Executive Chef Donna instructs cupcake soldiers on battle tactics

Executive Chef Donna instructs cupcake soldiers on battle tactics

Weapons ready for battle

Weapons ready for battle

Congratulations to victors of the 1st Twin Cities Planner Cupcake War.

Cupcake War Victors (l to r) Amanda Ducach, Barbara Madigan, Todd Gehrke

Cupcake War Victors (l to r) Amanda Ducach, Barbara Madigan,Todd Gehrke

Cupcake War veterans are honing their battle skills for the future. When you’re called to duty, will you be prepared?