Strengths key to success in orgThe power of Strengths is the key to success in any organization. In her latest article, How Employees’ Strengths Make Your Company Stronger, Susan Sorenson illustrates the link between use of strengths on the job and employee engagement. It’s true — employees who use their strengths are more engaged, perform better, are less likely to leave — and boost your bottom line. More than three decades of Gallup research confirm that building and focusing on employees’ strengths is a more productive approach than trying to improve their weaknesses. Read Susan’s article here. Contact me to discuss unlocking success in your organization.
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Our Funhouse Mirror: the Power of Perception — 2

looking_in_mirror_successful_400_clr_5648But what about the funhouse mirror? In the previous decades we made great use of that mirror to deflect the image of our weaknesses. Or, at least we thought we did. For the most part, however, we simply invented a façade to cover up those weaknesses. That façade became part of our self-image and we convinced ourselves it was all working.

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Quick Start Guide to Writing a Blog

by Guest Author: Christine Mollenkopf-Pigsley NACCE Curriculum & Training Fellow and NISM Certified Social Media Strategist

What is a blog?
Think of it like a short news article or opinion/letter to the editor to which you are willing to attach your name, brand and reputation. In social media the blog not only gives the reader valuable information but it gives them a deeper understanding of you as an individual or the brand/organization/institution you represent.

How long should it be?

Is there a magic formula?

How do I balance information and promotion?

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Our Funhouse Mirror: the Power of Perception — 1

by Rosealee Lee

Perception is that simple, yet powerful influence that is embedded in all of our actions and interactions. looking_in_mirror_successful_400_clr_5648 We usually don’t think much about it. Perception is much like a mirror at a carnival funhouse.  You can see yourself in it, but the image you see is distorted.  And, after years of looking in that mirror, you convince yourself that the image you see is true.  The funny thing is that others who view (or perceive) you, are seeing someone much different.  And, their perception becomes their reality. You’re looking thru the funhouse lens and they’re looking thru their own lens.  All too often, no one is looking at the genuine, authentic YOU.
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