More Career Opportunities -dream your future!

More opportunities, you ask? That’s right! If you spent any amount of time with me in the last few years, you likely heard me teach, preach, rant, and rave about the trained labor shortage that exists internationally. Alumni and students, I meant every word when I said, “the world is yours.” The following openings are from just one of several emails I received in the last week. Those listed below, AND more, can be found at and Go ahead . . .

dream your future!

Event Marketer (Brunswick,ME)
Renewal by Andersen – Brunswick, ME

Event Marketer (Biddeford,ME)
Renewal by Andersen – Biddeford, ME

Field Marketing Liaison (Brunswick,ME)
Renewal by Andersen – Brunswick, ME

Field Marketing Liaison (Biddeford,ME)
Renewal by Andersen – Biddeford, ME

Senior Expo Manager
Opus Agency – Remote, NA

Marketing Associate
Bard College – Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Marketing Manager in the Marketing and Communications Dept.
Columbia University – New York, NY

Marketing Manager
Solar Energy Trade Shows – Alexandria, VA

Marketing and Communications Manager
Climbing Wall Association – Boulder, CO

Manufacturing Support for RF Assembly
Lockheed Martin – Littleton, CO

Mobile Marketing Tour Managers
Fuse, LLC – Nationwide, VT

Courage Kenny Jr Wheelchair Softball World Series Needs YOU!

Courage Kenny Jr World Series Softball

2016 Jr. World Series Wheelchair Softball
Friday, August 5 – Saturday, August 6
Brooklyn Park, Northwoods Park
 *Current DCTC hospitality students may qualify to earn course assignment credit
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute will be hosting the tournament and needs volunteers to help provide a quality tournament for our youth.   To sign up and see the list of volunteer openings for individuals 16 years of age and older, please go to:
Dress is casual.   You may wear your own corporate t –shirt if you have one.  Otherwise, we will provide you with our Allina volunteer t–shirt to wear. Please come to volunteer or cheer on our highly competitive players!
*Current hospitality students: This can earn you more than a thank you and that warm fuzzy feeling — Please consult with Rosealee Lee about assignment credit for your first fall semester ’16 program course.

Change in Today’s NEW Marketplace: A Dream is Just a Dream . . . Until it Has a Deadline

Changes are rarely comfortable. Even if we know the change will increase our success, most of us get a little twitchy when placed outside of our comfort zone.  Real change requires applying action to our wishes and creating measurable goals.

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

                                                                                                       Harvey MacKay



Hope is a key component of dreaming with a deadline.

We all need hope.  It is the food that feeds our spirit and our soul.  Without the sustenance of hope, we cannot even dream. We, our families, our communities, our world are in a state of flux . . . a transition period fraught with challenges AND opportunity.  That’s what change is all about.

Achieving successful change requires authenticity.  If you are not true to yourself, then you cannot possibly be true to anyone or anything else.  Faking it doesn’t work.  When you fake being good at or feeling something, your lack of authenticity is evident.  And, your heart is not in it. Oh sure, you can take classes on doing that “something” well, but if it’s not naturally you, you will only get a little less bad at it, whatever it is. You can fake mediocrity but never success.

That’s why partnerships and collaboration are integral to most success stories. Putting others on your team to do the “something” you are not great at, is a big part of dreaming with a deadline. And always include HOPE!

A note from Rosealee: We are part of a global economy, and none of us is exempt from the web of international business. This is the first in a series of five articles that originate from a keynote address on hope, opportunity, challenge, and change I was recently honored to present at an international business conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.






Courage Kenny Country Championship Needs Assistance

The Courage Kenny Country Championship is a regional qualifier for the Adapted Sports USA Junior Nationals.  This is a great event with gifted athletes competing in track and field, swimming and archery.swimming-main1

Courage Kenny, Allina Medical is our service learning partner and they have just had a group of volunteers cancel several shifts. That puts the championship in a bind.  If you have a four-hour block of time to help on June 2, June 4, June 5, or June 7, please consider this opportunity.  I absolutely guarantee this will be a great experience, and a chance to cheer on amazing athletes. THANK YOU!
Please go to their link to  take a look at shifts and to sign up

Whitney Bunce Joins the All-MN Academic Team

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Whitney Bunce was inducted into the 2016 All-Minnesota Academic Team. The honor recognizes Whitney’s leadership​, academic achievement, as well as community and college service. Whitney will soon​ cross the Commencement stage to be given her Meeting and Event Management AAS Degree. She has a future as bright as her smile!

Celebrating Commitment to Hospitality and a Powerful Network of Professionals

DCTC hospitality graduates span the globe in hospitality careers.  On Saturday, May 21, many graduates, students, and their guests will be found at the annual Spring BBQ.

For more date notice_001than a decade, DCTC hospitality graduates have brought a level of professionalism to meetings, events, conventions, trade shows, and venues such as hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations.  Many serve in hospitality supply organizations that provide design, props, lighting, catering, tours, and a myriad of other products and services to enhance the guest experience.  As hospitality alumni have honed their talents in employer corporations or started their own corporation, many employ other graduates and students.  Together they form a powerful network.

For complete info and RSVP, visit DCTC Hospitality – Celebrating 10 Years and More

Here’s a glimpse of our January, 2016 celebration . . .

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Contact Rosealee Lee to visit or ask questions on LinkedIn, by phone 952-454-1138, or via email at




Of Legacies and Relationships: the Passing of Ed White

I just learned that Ed White passed away today. The hospitality industry is short one more thought leader. Losing two in the same week is unthinkable. I am comforted that as the newcomers to Heaven, Bill Ed whiteMorrissey and Ed White are planning a huge event for everyone there.  Details about Ed are not yet available so I will share them as a comment to this post when they are available.

Ed was internally renowned as a consummate hospitality professional.  He instructed and mentored me and his words of wisdom helped me greatly.  I know many of us have benefited from his experience  and insights. Ed was a consultant, trainer, meeting manager, and hotelier. There’s more to be read on his LinkedIn site.

Ed will be missed. At the risk of being redundant, let me ask you for the 2nd time this week to please join me in honoring the legacies of Bill and Ed by building relationships on which to grow the future of hospitality.