Ramping Up Reality

Virtual AND augmented reality are forging a big economic blueprint on the market and ramping up the reality of our expectations. (Sorry about the pun, but it was just right there . . . and I couldn’t resist.) While photo and broadcast booths will remain in our event toolbox, let’s get into a little reality as well.

The possibilities all contribute to attendee experience and engagement. I’m envisioning

  • Promoting the host organization brand by exchanging closed-circuit in-room virtual-realitytelevision infomercials for virtual reality content
  • Spotlighting sponsors with reality in lieu of banners or gobos
  • Lending educational sessions an extra punch that will really bring home the lesson
  • That sexy event app can now go from “wow” to “OMG”

This is a content delivery mode only dreamed of a few years ago. In a recent report, CNet just reported that AR and VR spending will double in 2017.How will you utilize this new technology to meet your event and marketing goals?

Let’s daydream the future of events. Move over, Pokemon Go.  We’re ready to augment reality globally with a whole lot more than cartoon characters!